Interview with Composer Chuck Graef

chuck_graef_in_studioI first became aware of Chuck Graef‘s subtle and powerful music when I experienced it watching the haunting and hilarious web series Stockholm.  He captured the quirky/scary tone of the series perfectly.  His music helped the story hit home in a genre that’s hard to pinpoint.  When I made my very first web series Josie & Dale (eek it still hasn’t been released… you know how that goes creators! I’ve already made 4 more! J&D will be out soon!) I knew immediately who I wanted to hire and was blown away by Chuck’s work.  Chuck excels in his works= in every facet of the industry, but I feel  his talent and passion for the digital space are unique and very worth sharing with you all.  I recommend Chuck highly. You can find out more about his rates/work samples HERE. And check out our full interview below.

I first became aware of your work through web series. How did you get involved composing for web series?

The first web series I worked on was about six years ago, when the whole idea of web series was still pretty new — less than half of Americans had access to broadband.  The series was “Z.E.R.O: War Of The Dead,” about a paramilitary zombie-fighting squad, kicking zombie ass.  They had an actual budget, with uniforms, extras, makeup effects. The producer was a friend who was also producing Fangoria’s website.  It was very fun to work on – composing for suspense and horror is like getting to drive a hot-rod.

What do you like about working on web series?

I like the bonsai quality – a webisode is about the same length as a Warner Brothers cartoon.  But in that short space you’re trying to get a lot across and help create a vivid, memorable atmosphere, so you really need to make good choices.  And there’s bound to be fairly dense dialog to sculpt around.  All those things enforce a discipline that’s really interesting.

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