Steph’s L.A. Weekly Web Series of the Week: Jeff 1000 – Full Interview with Wired’s Rachel Samuels and Creator Michael Karnow

There are countless web series about actors in L.A., but very few in which the actor is a ten-foot tall, alien robot. Enter hot hunk… of metal Jeff, the well-meaning, socially awkward robot hero of Wired and Condé Nast Entertainment’s new mockumentary web series, Jeff 1000. Check out my review of Jeff 1000 for the L.A. Weekly HERE and continue reading for my full interview with creator Michael Karnow and Wired’s Head of Digital Content, Rachel Samuels.

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Steph’s L.A. Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: Oh, You Pretty Things

Young aspiring artists and the growing pains of youth are hardly fresh territory for filmmakers. But Oh, You Pretty Things, the first dramatic scripted series from multi-channel YouTube network Maker Studios, in partnership with fashion/lifestyle brand Nylon, is worth a binge-watch marathon.

Director Rico Martinez’s voyeuristic cinematography beautifully captures the L.A. indie art and music scene through the lives of lifestyle blogger Olivia Jones (Francesca Eastwood) and a group of 20-something creatives stumbling their way to success via downtown loft parties, practice sessions and the Echo.

Read my full review of Oh, You Pretty Things for the L.A. Weekly HERE, or keep reading for my interview with Sarah Malkin, Vice President and General Manager, Life + Style for Maker Studios and OYPT Executive Producer Jessica Gelt about creating the show.

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Starting a YouTube Channel? Find out if Partnering with VISO – BroadbandTV’s Creator Network is Right for You


Distracted by free T-shirt swag, I blindly stumbled into Broadband TV’s booth at VidCon this year.  Between selecting the “Watch Me On….” logo for my t-shirt and managing the two 12 year old girls I had brought with me, I learned about VISO, Broadband’s new networking community for content creators.  Luckily, someone screamed that iJustine had just blinked nearby and the girls ran off, allowing me the pleasure of chatting one on one with Andrew Wall, or Awall, who’s the head of The Gaming Network (TGN) and been with Broadband TV for almost two years.  – Erin Stegeman

What is Viso?  What are some of the benefits of Viso versus any Jo just signing up for a channel on YouTube?
VISO is a network community that consists of passionate video creators in the Gaming, Music, Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle genres. As a part of BroadbandTV, VISO is the 4th largest MCN on YouTube, and continues to grow at a blinding speed. TGN is also a YouTube network under Broadband TV, and focuses solely on gaming. Our tagline is “We Are Gamers” because TGN was built by gamers for gamers. We support gaming YouTubers and help them pursue their passion and make a living doing it. Our partners, staff, and viewers all engage in our
community and eSports events making TGN the only gaming network you can truly participate in. We are the largest eSports YouTube Network, and you can check out our eSports partners and initiatives here.

YouTube Creator Space LA: Free Classes, Equipment and Studios all for You!

I recently got the chance to tour the new 41,000 square foot YouTube Studio that opened last November in Playa Del Rey.  YouTube/Google has four of these spaces around the world: NYC, LA, Tokyo and London, full of equipment and studios for YOU.  Almost none of the web series creators I talk to know about the space and those that do don’t think it’s available to them, but it IS.  There are events and classes in the space open to anyone with a YouTube channel.  In addition, every quarter, YouTube takes about 25 new YouTube channel partners (that just you allow ads before your video), as part of their Creator Class.  You apply with a project proposal and spend the quarter learning and creating in the space.

For major YouTube creators, there’s a residents program and those residents often mentor the creator class along with YouTube strategists.  There’s also a NextUp competition for additional creators to get a chance to spend two weeks learning and creating in the space.  For creators just starting out on YouTube or trying to boost their views, the space offers free classes open to ANYONE with a YouTube channel, as well as  a constantly growing Playbook of info and advice on their site.  So follow me below as I tour the space with YouTube Strategist Rob Polonsky (Chad, Matt & Rob) and the head of the YouTube Space LA, Liam Collins to learn about this incredible resource that you could be using. There’s an additional interview with them below.


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