YouTube Creator Space LA: Free Classes, Equipment and Studios all for You!

I recently got the chance to tour the new 41,000 square foot YouTube Studio that opened last November in Playa Del Rey.  YouTube/Google has four of these spaces around the world: NYC, LA, Tokyo and London, full of equipment and studios for YOU.  Almost none of the web series creators I talk to know about the space and those that do don’t think it’s available to them, but it IS.  There are events and classes in the space open to anyone with a YouTube channel.  In addition, every quarter, YouTube takes about 25 new YouTube channel partners (that just you allow ads before your video), as part of their Creator Class.  You apply with a project proposal and spend the quarter learning and creating in the space.

For major YouTube creators, there’s a residents program and those residents often mentor the creator class along with YouTube strategists.  There’s also a NextUp competition for additional creators to get a chance to spend two weeks learning and creating in the space.  For creators just starting out on YouTube or trying to boost their views, the space offers free classes open to ANYONE with a YouTube channel, as well as  a constantly growing Playbook of info and advice on their site.  So follow me below as I tour the space with YouTube Strategist Rob Polonsky (Chad, Matt & Rob) and the head of the YouTube Space LA, Liam Collins to learn about this incredible resource that you could be using. There’s an additional interview with them below.


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Web Series PR Guru Brian Rodda Discusses Promoting Your Web Series and Pitching Your Idea as Branded Entertainment

Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda has worked with some of the most prominent web series out there, including Jane Espenson & Brad “Cheeks” Bell’s Husbands, Matt Enlow’s Squaresville, and Tai Fauci’s Whole Day Down.  In addition to running Brian Rodda Consulting, Brian teaches the course “How To Get Your First 10,000 Views” at web series school CreatorUp!

So what does a Web Series PR man actually do?

I specialize my services for every client. For some, I just do straight PR and social media posts. I send out press releases, get people talking about them on the right blogs, tweet and post for them.  For others, I am also the actual online voice of their web series. I am the one who engages and follows up with their audience. That takes the most hours and is the most expensive service.

I also offer advice on web site design, help them strategize and choose platforms to reach their target audience and viewership goals.  If a client wants to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, I help them do that.  If I’m actually connecting them with agents, then it becomes more of a management position.

For most services, clients hire me on a monthly retainer priced for what they are interested in.  I always recommend starting with a 3 month retainer since you have to spend a while planting seeds. By week 6 or 7 things usually start to bloom.

For those who can’t really afford a retainer, I offer private consultations.  It’s four hours and I go through the whole buffet.  Where are you at in your process? Where do you want to be? Lets figure out your target audience. Here’s the blogs you should be contacting. I wont give away all my tricks, since that’s my living. I might send one email for you, but that private consultation is catching you up on the current happenings, the circles you need to be in, and what you can do yourself to move forward.

“People are finally realizing that scripted content on the web is its own sandbox. They’re not trying to make TV lite.”

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