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highmaintenancephoto14.75 clicks

4.75 Clicks Out of 5.00 A nameless cannabis delivery guy delivers his much needed medication to stressed-out New Yorkers in this character-driven web series. High Maintenance was created by husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld. They produce the series with their BFF Russell Gregory as Janky Clown Productions.” Read reviews of High Maintenance… Watch High Maintenance


4.25 clicks4.25 Clicks out of 5.0! 7p10e is a scripted romantic comedy following two people getting to know each other from across the country via four minute skype dates every night. –  Watch 7p10e

teacherspic4 clicks4.0 CLICKS out of 5.0!  Teachers is an episodic comedy web series from The Onion and Chicago based improv and sketch group The Katydids. Each short episode follows the trials of a team of elementary school teachers facing overbearing parents, bratty children, and their own demons.  Watch Teachers…


Graveyard Show image

3.75 Clicks

3.75 Clicks out of 5.00  While the rest of the world sleeps, Pete the Custodian and Damon the Security Guard share late-night revelations, epiphanies, confessions, lies and whatever else they can can think of to keep from dying of boredom before the sun comes up.​ Read Reviews of The Graveyard Show… Watch The Graveyard Show.


intransitionpicture3.5 clicks

3.5 Clicks out of 5.0. After being released from prison, Tawny Kim (Margaret Cho) heads to a halfway house for female ex-inmates transitioning into mainstream life. Once there, Tawny encounters her old cellies, Concha Valenzuela (Selene Luna) and Farhonda Jenkins (Yvette Saunders) and reveals her provocative intentions. Watch In Transition... Read reviews of In Transition…


theguild 3.5 clicks

3.5 Clicks out of 5.0. The Guild is a independent sitcom web series about a group of online gamers. Since season 2, The Guild has been distributed by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint. Episodes vary from 3-8 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline. The show is now in its sixth season. Watch The Guild. Read reviews of The Guild.



3.25 clicks

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl is an award-winning web series that follows the life of an awkward Black girl named ”J”. Watch The Misadventures of Awkward BlackGirl. Read reviews of Awkward Black Girl.

hotelreject3.25 clicks

3.25 Clicks Out of 5.00. When the Jensen sisters (Christine Bullen and Scarlett Bermingham) are the first contestants kicked off the reality show MARRY F*CK KILL! they are not allowed to go back to their normal lives. Instead, for the remainder of production, they are forbidden contact with the outside world and held in an undisclosed location known as “Hotel Reject.”​ Read reviews of Hotel Reject Watch Hotel Reject

I hate being single image3 clicks

3.00 Clicks out of 5.00 NYC dwelling hipster Rob, recently dumped, blunders through single life trying to figure out where he belongs.  Read reviews of I Hate Being Single… Watch I Hate Being Single…

wallflowerspic2.75 clicks2.75 Clicks Wallflowers is a web comedy about a support group for people who can’t get dates. With the help of dating guru Janice, they’ve vowed to turn things around… even if it kills them.​ Read Reviews of Wallflowers...  Watch Wallflowers


little-women-big-cars1 2.25 clicks2.5 Clicks Four soccer moms struggle to balance their busy schedules, family lives, and sanity: Their friendship is further tested when it comes time to compete for spots in the school’s gifted program. In the end, the women realize their bond is truly stronger than they ever imagined. Watch “Little Women…” on AOL here…

Fetching-Star-Elaine-Hendrix-550x3662.25 clicks A dramedy from AOL and Vuguru about Liza, a woman in NYC who quit her job as a lawyer and ended her engagement in the same week-in hopes of pursuing her dreams of opening her own business, a doggy daycare store called “Fetching.” Written by “Sex and the City’s” Amy Harris. Watch Fetching on AOL here…

happyplacewebseries2.25 clicks2.25 Clicks  LA comic Grant Pardee writes and stars in this series about a guy working at a job he hates with co-workers (played by puppets) he also doesn’t like. When this environment gets too hard/annoying to deal with, he goes to his happy place in his head. Watch Happy Place…

thestateofus2.25 clicks2.25 Clicks Seasons 1 & 2 of The State of Us feature Robert and Alex as anchors of a satirical news show. In Season 3, they leave the studio on a quest to get a big celebrity on their to appear on their show. Watch The State of Us here…


2.25 clicks2.25 Clicks Versus Valerie follows Valerie Lapomme, YouTube’s Sexy Nerd Girl, as she navigates her chaotic life, sliding between reality and her video-game and genre-bending imagination. The show was funded by Canadian Independent Production Fund for WEB SERIES! Learn more about IPF here.  Watch Versus Valerie here… 


2.25 clicks2.25 Clicks When Stevie Hart (Renee Dorian), an 20-something with no direction, gets fired from her non-paid internship, dumped by her douche boyfriend, and evicted from her not-so glamorous apartment, there’s only one thing left to do: move back in with her parents and become a novice “Party Entertainer” with a murder mystery company.  Each webisode occurs at a different party, and follow the craziness that unfolds during this nightly, interactive game of ‘whodunit’ with people that don’t particularly care. Watch Clued-less…

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    • Hi Bennett, glad you have found the TW Team’s reviews helpful. Unfortunately this part of the site is no longer active. Steph still chooses one show every other week to feature in the LA Weekly which you can submit to through the contact page, but the team is no longer doing reviews. If you do submit through the contact page, please keep in mind that Steph gets about 40 submissions a week and can’t answer everyone, though she promises to watch them all.

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