Chuck Graef has created original music in a wide range of styles for projects including short films, the web series “Stockholm” and “Z.E.R.O.: War Of The Dead”; and for clients such as Calvin Klein, Warner Brothers, the Travel Channel, and the Womenswear Designer Of The Year Awards in New York. Chuck believes the best score is one that seems to have always been there, and designs music to lead the audience through the emotions and actions of the story without making them aware of it. He loves being inspired by his collaborators’ visions and helping to enhance the impact of their stories.
Rate: Negotiable
Equipment: Full studio, TBs of samples and FX.

Carson Aune & J. Broller are a vibrant composing team that fuse the raw machinations of the malleable electronic sound of today, with the traditional beauty of orchestral music of yesterday. Carson has created original music for projects including Juliet’s Ring, Counterpunch, and numerous commercials and documentaries. J. Broller brings a classical, choral and theatrical music background to their collaboration. Carson and J love to be a part of a team and create memorable music that helps tell the story in any genre.
Rate: Negotiable
Equipment: Komplete studio, Kontakt, Cinesamples and more. Have arsenal of Vocalists and instrumentalists avail.

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