Alexa Diaz – Alexa is a writer, director, and stills photographer. She has a BA in film production with honors from Biola University. She studied screenwriting with Act One under Chris Riley (author of “The Hollywood Standard“) and is graduate of the advanced Act Two program. Her short film Marked (co directed with Lonnie Urven) was nominated for best directing, editing, and cinematography at the 2007 168 Film Festival. Her short film Bluetooth made its debut at the 2008 California State Fair. Her short film Lines premiered at the 2012 Hollyshorts Film Festival. She is producing the animated short film Nail’d, writing a feature, as well as developing a web series to direct.

Example of work: and
Rate: please contact for rate
Contact: / 858-829-1881
Equipment:RED Scarlet Package

Will Reese– Experience shooting sketch comedy, short dramatic film, music videos, commercials, art instillations, any and all forms of short visual media. Active in the UCB improv community. BA in Literature/Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz; studied in the Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA. Experience working for Funny or Die, College Humor, UCB, and countless independent projects.
Rate: Negotiable, depending on scale/ambition of project.
Directing/Editing/DP reel:
Equipment: (Owns) Canon 7D, various lenses, H4n audio recorder, shotgun mic. (Access to) light kits, additional cameras and sound equipment.

Ed Spangler – is super pumped to be living in LA and getting to work with funny people to make funny projects.  In the short time he’s been in Los Angeles, he’s gotten to collaborate with performers from Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, Reno 911, The State, The Daily Show, and Upright Citizens Brigade and production companies like Funny or Die and Break Media.  He looks forward to helping you make your project the best / funniest / most offensive to your parents that it can be.
Rate: negotiable
Equipment:Panasonic HVX205A / Canon 7D camera packages, lighting, & sound equipment.

If you would like to be considered for this resource list for a listed skill or additional one you think could be useful to web storytellers, please CONTACT Tangled Web.

*Disclaimer: Tangled Web does it’s best to feature talented artists willing to work on low-budget projects and delete anyone who receives consistent negative feedback.  Any working relationship you enter with an artist on this site is your responsibility, however, and  Tangled Web is not responsible for project outcome.

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