Anna Habrat is a Beacon Award Winning Hairstylist and Makeup Artist
based in the Los Angeles area who got her start in the industry in New
York City. She has worked both behind the chair in a salon and on set
for film and editorial. She has a great eye to spice up a look and is
very easy going. She is currently working on her Cosmetology License
and should have it by Nov 2013.

Work Sample:
Rate: Starting at $150/day (cost is based on how many models and looks)
Contact: or (626) 893-6411
Equipment: Anna will bring her own tools. Expenses may be charged
according to the demand of the vision/projected outcome.


If you would like to be considered for this resource list for a listed skill or additional one you think could be useful to web storytellers, please CONTACT Tangled Web.

*Disclaimer: Tangled Web does it’s best to feature talented artists willing to work on low-budget projects and delete anyone who receives consistent negative feedback.  Any working relationship you enter with an artist on this site is your responsibility, however, and  Tangled Web is not responsible for project outcome.

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