Tangled Web Review Team Reviews

mouseThis part of the site is no longer active, but for about a year — once a month, four reviewers from the Tangled Web Team reviewed a new series and and ranked it with mouse clicks from 1-5, with 5 being the highest ranking. Our mission was to fairly evaluate these series so that creators can learn from each other and viewers could discover the best new web series out there.

This was our attempt to celebrate and value web creators but also raise the bar a bit. We all want more eyes to turn to the web and the best way to do that is to create the most compelling content we can.

Our reviews are still featured on the site and here is our list of reviewers with links to all their personal reviews.  Stephanie still chooses one series every other week to be featured in the LA Weekly in her column The Tangled Web We Watch.

MAYA onset photoAnne Brashier has an eclectic resume that includes animation producer, singing + dancing microwave,  circus venue manager, sailing instructor, and flash-mob choreographer. She has also written plays, webseries, and a strange marketing business book. She lives in LA and likes adventure. Check out Anne’s reviews HERE.


Danielle Bauman
has been writing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Fortunately, her opinions have come a long way from: Boys are stupid and cats are the best secret keepers, though she still believes the latter holds some weight. A native New Yorker, Danielle has been published in The Clackamas Literary Review, Amphibi.us, Locust Magazine, Ultravulgarsuperfiend.com and is currently developing a pilot with Black Sheep Entertainment. Danielle blogs at DanielleFBauman.blogspot.com. Follow her @DanielleBauman. Check out Danielle’s reviews HERE.


David Katsman’s dreams as a young globetrotter were simple.  He either wanted to become the Pedro Martinez of the Dominican Republic little leagues or a Champion Canadian ballroom dancer. At 17, he left both pursuits behind and traveled to England to pursue the family legacy and enroll in law school. A few dozen episodes of Entourage laterand David turned down a lucrative law career for an internship at ICM and the low-paid rat race that is being a Hollywood assistant.  It didn’t take this indecisive, multi-lingual upstart long to find himself at 3Arts wheeling and dealing the careers of the rich and famous.  Or at least, for now, scheduling their dry cleaning. In addition to discovering the next Channing Tatum, David hopes to someday produce a film about a young Dominican/Canadian baseball player who uses an entourage of dancers to fight cases in court. Check out David’s reviews HERE.

ERIN-244 Erin “Queenie” Stegeman is an actor/writer/fan of slashes. She has done a multitude of projects that her mother pretends to love. The worst and most character-defining moment in her career was undoubtedly a 2-hour long audition for a traveling dance-puppet show, in which she had to wear a 3ft wide pig head and equally long clown shoes – all while lip-syncing about her house made of straw. She did not book the job and cried for 3 days straight. Erin blogs at QueenieWasABlonde.blogspot.com. Check out her Once Upon a Time Spoof Web Series: Once Upon A…Anonymous http://www.OnceUponATimeSpoof.blogspot.com And her professional site: www.erinstegeman.com. Check out Erin’s reviews HERE.

sc07ed7e45Abdi Nazemian was born in Tehran and has lived in Paris, Toronto, New York, Rome, and… um… Scarsdale. He is now an LA-based screenwriter, director, and producer who is proud to say his words have been spoken by the likes of The Nanny and Carmela Soprano. Being restless and easily bored, he thought it would be a good idea to add father of twins, MBA student, and web series critic to his résumé. Abdi is not the inspiration for Madonna’s children’s book “The Adventures of Abdi,” though the illustrations do look suspiciously like him. Follow him @abdaddy and visit www.abdaddy.com. Check out Abdi’s reviews HERE.

imageLorelei Ignas landed in LA from NYC, where she spent almost ten years studying and working in Off-Off-Broadway theatre as a director and playwright.  An alum of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she recently completed UCLA’s Professional Program for Television Writing in the One-Hour Drama track, where she honed her natural gift of figuring out new and creative ways to kill people (on Television, duhhhh).  Lorelei lives in West Hollywood with her boyfriend and their two cats named after characters from “The Wire.”  She typically prefers the Summer Olympics to Winter, avoids well tequila at all costs, is a seasoned connoisseur of trashy dance movies, and has a severe Radiohead allergy.  Lorelei is currently represented by Art/Work Entertainment.  Follow her on twitter @loreleiable. Check out Lorelei’s reviews HERE.

furry boots Jacqui Rêgo Jacqui Rêgo is an actor/writer in NYC by way of Miami, L.A., Toronto, Montreal, and Rio de Janeiro. Que beleza! Jacqui is Brazilian in a way that leaves her paler then Giselle Bündchen but with genetics only half as German. Clearly a lover of duality, she has two passports and has studied at NYU Tisch School of the Art’s BFA program, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and Augosto Boal’s Pablo Picasso UNESCO Award winning vector of social change, also known as the Theater of the Oppressed in Rio de Janeiro! You may have seen Jacqui preforming in the documentary based on Melvin Van Peeble’s theatrical production of Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song in Paris’s Sons d’hiver festival and she continues her effervescent rabble-rousing writing personal essays and plays like, “Baby Hubris”. Follow her on twitterFollow her on Twitter: @JacquiRego. Check out Jacqui’s reviews HERE.

Samara Bay-Kelsey Sammy-0041

Samara Bay likes making projects that are good for the world or good for a laugh or both.  She’s a host & content creator over at The Smarty at the Party, (a weekly blog she founded almost a year ago that’s #shmoozenews for millennials who like their current events done fun) who also acts & speech coaches.  Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Samara got an English & theater degree from Princeton, an MFA in acting from Brown, and one of those fun little completion certificates from UCB.  Follow Samara: @samarabay and check out her stuff: www.samara-bay.com. Check out Anne’s reviews HERE.

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