Daavid Hawkins is a costume professional with 30 years of costume work, sewing and construction experience (15 of which have been spent in Los Angeles working on movies of various sized-budgets, television, stage shows and theme parks). He is able to analyze and asses a project’s specific needs, thus saving time and money.
Work Sample: www.daavidhawkins.com
Rate: $200/day plus expenses
Contact: daavidhawkins@aol.com or (504)-274-8960
Equipment: all machines and supplies necessary for fittings, custom building, alterations, and repairs.

If you would like to be considered for this resource list for a listed skill or additional one you think could be useful to web storytellers, please CONTACT Tangled Web.

*Disclaimer: Tangled Web does it’s best to feature talented artists willing to work on low-budget projects and delete anyone who receives consistent negative feedback.  Any working relationship you enter with an artist on this site is your responsibility, however, and  Tangled Web is not responsible for project outcome.

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