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TANGLED WEB-LOGO ONLY-FINAL (smaller)Each week four reviewers from our Tangled Web Team will review a new series and and rank it with mouse clicks from 1-5, with 5 being the highest ranking. We get MANY submissions from web series creators every day and it is our mission to fairly evaluate these series so that creators can learn from each other and viewers can quickly discover the best new web series out there.

Below, browse series reviews by genre, or check out our team’s Top Click Series, aka Tangled Web’s choices for The Best Series on the Web. You can also check out Steph’s favorite series and reviews for the LA Weekly.


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LA Weekly Reviews


1 thought on “Web Series Reviews

  1. Hello,

    I am a part of a new webseries sitcom about theater twenty-somethings desperate to escape the rejection of the theater biz through their own start-up. I was hoping you could check it out! I know you only review one show a week, but we just released our pilot (we’re shooting shorts today) and are thing to get the word out there! Please check us out!

    Jennifer Ettinger

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