A Web Series for Those of Us Who Work at Home

HOME/OFFICE trailer from Good Worker on Vimeo.

Technology has made it possible for over a million people to become independent workers in the last year alone. Many of you web series creators may be among them! We know you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit. But too much freedom can sometimes bring it’s own ups and downs. In between bouts of productivity, independent workers and filmmakers James Darling and Josh Shayne decided to make a web series about it: HOME/OFFICE. The first season of the series explores common challenges such as winning a client, avoiding distraction, trying to stay in-shape, dating online, and meeting intense deadlines.

As web series creators, we’re always interested when an indie series finds funding before it launches. Isn’t that the dream? HOME/OFFICE was able to do so, partnering with very specific brands DreamHost and Backblaze. Here’s creator James Darling explaining the smart way they went about funding the series:

“We self-financed these initial 8 episodes and shot them over 7 straight days at Josh’s apartment in Brooklyn. Once the episodes were finished, we reached out to brands that shared our audience–freelancers, designers, and entrepreneurs–and offered them ad spots after each episode and promotion on the show’s website.

Basically we’ve managed to put the show “in the black” before airing a single episode — which, as you know, is quite unusual for an independent web series.  We’re hoping to replicate and expand upon this model with our 2nd season and future shows–ideally lining up the budget with brand partners/sponsors BEFORE production.”

Good Worker co-founders Darling and Shayne are both graduates from NYU’s acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts film program. They are already accomplished filmmakers and screenwriters in the traditional sense: Darling’s screenplay In Motion won an Alfred P. Sloan Prize in 2005 and his feature film project The Pilot was awarded the Richard Vague Production Grant from the Kanbar Institute of Film & Television in 2015. Shayne’s 2013 screenplay You’re the Ones was a semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting and his short film Le Voyeur aired on IFC in 2007. In 2009, they were hired by Stetson Hats to travel cross-country and film their quest to deliver an inaugural hat to the President.

Learn more about Good Worker and watch the full series Home/Office at Home/Office.tv

Award Winning Web Series Creator Found the Brooklyn Web Fest

BK Web Fest Hero
Kit Williamson, writer, director and star of the award winning web series Eastsiders, distributed by LogoTV has always been an advocate of collaboration and championing fellow artists’ work. After recently becoming bicoastal, he decided it was time to found a web series festival in Brooklyn that is both a showcase for exciting new digital series and a networking opportunity for filmmakers to exchange ideas.
“I think what sets us apart is that we are approaching the web fest concept from a content creators perspective,” Williamson explained in an interview. “I want to provide the kind of experience that I would hope to receive, and to get industry eyes on their work.”
Kit Williamson

Kit Williamson

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How to Write a Web Series (or anything!) For YOU to Star In

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, creators and stars of web series turned TV show: Broad City

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, creators and stars of web series turned TV show: Broad City

So you’re an actor. And everyone’s telling you to ‘make your own work’. “Make a web series,” they say. “Be like those Broad City chicks. Be like that Awkward Black Girl. Be like those Workaholic guys. You know what you should do? You should be like that Lena Dunham girl and write your own Hollywood Ticket.”

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Steph’s FINAL LAWeekly Web Series Pick of the Week: Adult Wednesday Addams, Season 2 – Full Interview with Creator/Star – Melissa Hunter

Melissa Hunter spent her youth being told she was a ringer for Christina Ricci. Middle school bullies mocked her with the moniker, “Wednesday.” So a couple years ago, the ebony haired, doe-eyed Hunter decided to reclaim the epithet and go as the acrimonious adolescent for Halloween.The reaction from friends and strangers was so enthusiastic that the writer/actress decided to rewatch the Addams Family films and reclaim the character who haunted her childhood as a creative ally.

Check out my review of Hunter’s web series Adult Wednesday Addams for the LAWeekly HERE and continue reading below to see my full interview with Hunter about creating the two seasons of the series. Hunter is full of great advice on how to launch a successful series.

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Austin Film Festival Announces New Digital Series Competition



The Austin Film Festival has always been an incredible place for TV and Screenwriters to attend panels, win competitions and hobnob with the movers and shakers of media. This year, the festival is opening up its competition to DIGITAL CREATORS for the first time.

You can submit a FULLY PRODUCED series OR a SCRIPT for a series. I’m sure AFF will continue its reputation for discovering new gems, rewarding the best in the biz and launching careers. This is a festival I would highly recommend submitting to.

Find out more on the AFF website HERE. If you’re looking for inspiration for a series, check out my picks for BEST web series of 2014 for the LAWeekly HERE.